Every business produces different types of waste, including offices, restaurants, factories and shopping centres. You need a waste management service that can handle all your organisation’s waste requirements. These days, more customers are choosing companies with strong sustainability credentials – so recycling and environmentally friendly waste practices are also a must. We can develop a package to handle your specific needs, including general waste; confidential waste; glass, plastic and metal recycling; hazardous waste and more.

What we provide

  • A total waste management solution that saves you money and helps protect the environment
  • A range of equipment, including skips and recycling bins, to help you manage waste in your business
  • Expert advice on sustainable waste practices and improving your sustainability credentials


More than ever, you need strict hygiene control in your business to prevent staff and customers getting sick. Our tailored hygiene services stop bacteria and viruses spreading. We clean and sanitise your restrooms, and provide antimicrobial soaps, sanitisers, dispensers and hand dryers. In other areas, like kitchens, office cubicles, meeting rooms and change rooms, we disinfect and sanitise surfaces and commonly touched items. Our comprehensive hygiene solution will reassure everyone who enters your premises that they are safe.

What we provide

  • Effective cleaning, sanitising and disinfectant products to kill 99% of bacteria and germs
  • A range of hygiene products, including soaps, hand sanitisers and disinfectants
  • Air purification solutions, like filters, to increase air quality and protect people from airborne viruses


As a business owner, you have a responsibility to keep staff, customers and visitors safe and healthy. So a regular pest control service is a must. In particular, premises where food is available, like restaurants, cafes, hotels and supermarkets, can attract mice, rats, cockroaches and other pests. Council inspectors can shut your business down if they see signs of pests, so regular inspections and maintenance are both vital to stay on top of the problem.

What we provide

  • A range of methods to control and remove pests, including bait stations around the property and chemical barriers
  • Termite inspection and treatment to protect your building
  • Pre-purchase pest inspections for commercial buildings, warehouses, factories and offices
  • Rapid response to emergency pest situations at any hour of the day


To keep your business running smoothly, you need a reliable and consistent supply of consumable items for customers and staff. These small items, like toilet paper and hand towels, can be easy to forget but inconvenient when they’re not available. For businesses like medical centres and restaurants, a lack of hand soap, gloves, sanitiser, napkins, and disposable cutlery and crockery might even disrupt business or threaten people’s health. Partner with a consumable supply company that will never let you down!

What we provide

  • An extensive range of consumable supplies, including different sizes, colours and types to suit your needs
  • The latest and highest quality brands – we won’t swap out your favourite brands for lower quality or cheaper items
  • A consistent supply of what you need when you need it

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